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Want to learn more about Harris’ unique approach to the art of illusion? Or, just want to be entertained and inspired by some really fun magic? Enjoy some of the videos below. If you enjoy what you see, be sure to head over to Harris’ YouTube Channel and click the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on the magic!
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What other leaders are saying about Harris

“What an awesome time my family and I had watching Harris, III last night! We were not only amazed by his great illusions, but were extremely impressed with his strong and clear presentation of the gospel.”
“You wouldn’t expect an illusionist to reveal secrets, but this one does. Harris reveals the greatest secret of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ. I was impressed with his skill. Even more impressed with his faith.”
Max Lucado, Pastor & Author
“I love Harris, because he encourages others to go big in their faith by exposing our fears as illusions. When our fears and deceptions are exposed, we can go do stuff! Instead of falling for the illusion of more, let Harris encourage you to do more instead of have more. ”

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