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Harris, III

Speaker | Illusionist | Consultant | Entrepreneur

If you rediscovered wonder,
your whole life would change.

With over 20 years of experience through thousands of performances as an illusionist, storyteller, and renowned communicator, Harris has helped audiences around the globe discover a life beyond their imagination. A life where they move past their fears and cynicism and step into a life filled with awe and wonder. Let him help you and the people you lead push past the barriers that are holding so many back from child-like faith and a life of possibility.

But how does he do it? With “magic,” of course…



“Harris is one of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen! If he’s anywhere near you, don’t miss it!”

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author
“I live in a world of storytellers. I get to see on a weekly basis some of the best storytellers in the country practicing their craft. What I love about Harris III is that he doesn’t just tell you a great story. He actually is able to pull you inside of the story and heal your wounded sense of wonder in ways you never imagined.”
Carlos Whittaker

“He understands the true art of connecting with an audience, and presents so much more than just a ‘show’. He takes the audience on an exciting journey, full of laughter, transparent stories, wonder & amazement.”

North Point Community Church

“I can trust him at an important event, because he has performed in front of millions of people around the world LIVE. I’ve watched Harris captivate a room of thousands of easily distracted teenagers for over an hour, and he kept them in the palm of his hand. There are few performers or communicators who can do that.”

Peter Horning


With over 20 years of experience through thousands of performances as an illusionist, storyteller, and renowned communicator, Harris has helped audiences around the globe discover a life beyond their imagination. Named “one of America’s most influential young people” by the Catalyst Conference, Harris has made a variety of film, television, and live event appearances during the course of his 20-year career.

After being booked for performances at some of the countries most prestigious venues, like NYC’s prestigious Soho House, and some of the biggest cruise ships sailing the seas, Harris began leaning into his strengths as a communicator and storyteller. Harris’ unique perspective on mystery, wonder, and the lies that get in the way of it all led to talks for some of the nation’s leading churches like Saddleback in CA, Willow Creek in Chicago, and Northpoint in Atlanta. With that came endorsements from respected leaders like Max Lucado, Dave Ramsey, Judd Wilhite, and more. It’s no wonder that Harris has quickly become a leading voice among leaders and influencers in creative industries, and that teams from companies like Disney Imagineering, Pinterest, IBM, Intel, and more pay to attend the events and workshops Harris and his team produces.

Today, Harris partners with organizations across all industries to help them inspire and mobilize their audiences through vivid, engaging storytelling and immersive live experiences. Whatever the medium or the context, Harris is passionate about communicating truth. He’s ready to help you create an incredible experience for your audience. Find out how he can take your event to the next level.



Discover how Harris can help you inspire, engage, and mobilize your audience.


. . .Harris has also imagined, written, and produced the North Atlanta Christmas Festival. As a creative consultant, Harris can help your team generate and refine ideas and facilitate execution on large-scale event experiences to ensure your organization communicates its big idea to your audience.


. . . Harris has helped congregations like Saddleback (California), Central Christian (Las Vegas), North Point (Atlanta), and Willow Creek (Illinois) come face-to-face with the truth. Additionally, youth leaders around the country use a 5-part video teaching series written, created, and filmed by Harris for NextStep Ministries to challenge and reach the students they serve.


. . . Harris has inspired and challenged communities to consider the role of wonder, magic, and imagination in the creative life.



“What an awesome time my family and I had watching Harris, III last night! We were not only amazed by his great illusions, but were extremely impressed with his strong and clear presentation of the gospel.”

Mac Powell, Lead Singer, Third Day

“You wouldn’t expect an illusionist to reveal secrets, but this one does. Harris reveals the greatest secret of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ. I was impressed with his skill. Even more impressed with his faith.”

Max Lucado, Pastor & Author

“I love Harris, because he encourages others to go big in their faith by exposing our fears as illusions. When our fears and deceptions are exposed, we can go do stuff! Instead of falling for the illusion of more, let Harris encourage you to do more instead of have more. ”

Bob Goff, Best-Selling Author of Love Does

Stories are universal.

Here are some places where Harris has captivated audiences
through stories and magical live experiences.


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