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Hey there, world changers and movement makers.

You only have one shot to make a lasting impact. You’ve gathered your audience at your event, and now’s your chance to mobilize the crowd or teach them your hard-fought truths. How can you use your event to inspire your audience, engage them in a way that transforms their lives, and encourage them to follow through?

In this moment, you don’t need entertainment, you need a storyteller. You don’t need an event consultant to help you pull this off, you need a little magic.

Let Harris help you create an experience sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. For over 20 years and through thousands of performances, Harris has transfixed audiences by blurring the lines between imagination and reality, utilizing #RealMagic and other tools to tell powerful stories that challenge the limits of complacency.

So why not shatter the status quo? Push beyond expectation. Book Harris and give your audience a unique, unforgettable experience that upends their paradigms.

The result? Your audience, with lives changed, spreading your big idea around the world.



Master Illusionist and Storyteller

Named “one of America’s most influential young people” by the Catalyst Conference, Harris has made a variety of film, television, and live event appearances during the course of his 20-year career. With his background as an illusionist, Harris’ knack for communicating the truth about lies and deception has brought invitations for him to grace the stages of some of the largest events and conferences in the country.

Today, Harris partners with organizations across all industries to help them inspire and mobilize their audiences through vivid, engaging storytelling and immersive live experiences. Whatever the medium or the context, Harris is passionate about communicating truth. He’s ready to help you create an incredible experience for your audience.


“Harris is one of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen! If he’s anywhere near you, don’t miss it!”

JON ACUFF, New York Times Bestselling Author
“I live in a world of storytellers. I get to see on a weekly basis some of the best storytellers in the country practicing their craft. What I love about Harris III is that he doesn’t just tell you a great story. He actually is able to pull you inside of the story and heal your wounded sense of wonder in ways you never imagined.”
Carlos Whittaker

“He understands the true art of connecting with an audience, and presents so much more than just a ‘show’. He takes the audience on an exciting journey, full of laughter, transparent stories, wonder & amazement.”

North Point Community Church

“I can trust him at an important event, because he has performed in front of millions of people around the world LIVE. I’ve watched Harris captivate a room of thousands of easily distracted teenagers for over an hour, and he kept them in the palm of his hand. There are few performers or communicators who can do that.”

Peter Horning


See how Harris has helped others inspire, engage, and mobilize audiences through recent projects & events.


. . . a two-day conference, including filmmakers, photographers, writers, and storytellers of all kinds from companies like Disney, Intel, and Pinterest. The STORY conference experience encourages makers and creators to incorporate wonder, imagination, and curiosity into their storytelling.


. . . At the ceremony, Harris performed a captivating magic show on the front steps of Graceland that was broadcast live on television. Christmas at Graceland became a little more magical that year!


. . . After a 30-city magic and multi-media presentation for NAMB, Harris was invited to create the opener for the 2015 SEND Conference. Harris has also imagined, written, and produced the North Atlanta Christmas Festival. As creative consultant, Harris helps teams generate and refine ideas and facilitate execution on large-scale event experiences to ensure organizations communicate their big idea to their audience.


. . . Harris has helped congregations like Saddleback (California), Central Christian (Las Vegas), North Point (Atlanta), and Willow Creek (Illinois) come face-to-face with the truth. Additionally, youth leaders around the country use a 5-part video teaching series written, created, and filmed by Harris for NextStep Ministries to challenge and reach the students they serve.


. . . including Compassion International, Holt International, and Food for the Hungry. Collectively, these presentations have raised over $2.5 million and an immeasurable amount of awareness for causes ranging from child poverty to international adoption.


. . . Harris has inspired and challenged communities to consider the role of wonder, magic, and imagination in the creative life.



Stories are universal.

Here are some places where Harris has captivated audiences
through stories and magical live experiences.


Are you interested in crafting a compelling live experience that makes your event unforgettable?

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