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Feeling a lack of clarity or purpose? Is your inner-critic louder than your inner-believer? Ready to for a new chapter in your story?
Learn how to stop limiting your life and start living your dream.

Ever wonder if you were meant for more?


We were all born with our eyes wide open...

We were wide open to wonder and the possibilities that it touted. Anything was possible...heck, everything was possible...and nothing held us back. We built rocket ships we believed could reach the moon, told ourselves we would change the world by becoming president, and turned cardboard boxes into pirate ships. We didn't hold ourselves back because we didn't know we should. We simply believed.

But over the years, the magic faded...

Our wonder dimmed as we bumped into trauma, shame, cynicism, bitterness, self-limiting beliefs, and ultimately a cynical mindset that told us to "grow up", ripping the rug of a magic-filled life right out from under us. But we don't have to stay there, stuck in the darkness of complacency. Instead, we can grow. We can change. We hold the power to transform our lives, finding our way back to the magic we once lived and created.

The Wonder Mindset Masterclass

A 6-Module Online Course

Leave the monotony of a mundane life filled with the regret of "if only," and step into the possibly of "what if?"

Join bestselling author and entrepreneur, Harris III for The Wonder Mindset Masterclass, a 6-module online course experience designed to help you move from a limiting mindset driven by worry, to a wonder mindset driven by the power of possibility.

Enroll now, and join us on a journey down the rabbit hole to rediscover your muchness, and experience the magic that has been waiting for you all along.

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What would you do if anything were possible?

Read that line in bold again. ???? What would you do?

It's easy to skim over the idea that "anything is possible," because it requires us to tap into something we haven't given ourselves access to since we were little kids. You know, that kid who created magical worlds with our friends in the woods, or the homemade forts in our bedroom--that kid who was wide awake to wonder.

You see, that wonder is the driver of possibility, creativity, a productive imagination and so much more. It is all within reach, and it starts with your mindset--the collection of thoughts you've chosen to believe are true.

Those beliefs drive your behavior. They determine what you pursue, what you say "yes" to, what you think is possible, and whether you choose curiosity over fear.

It's time to break down the walls of the box you've built.

t's time to get rid of the lies, the shame, irrational fears, and everything else you've allowed to hold you back.

Throughout this masterclass, you'll be guided through the process of breaking down the story you currently find yourself in, and the parts where you feel stuck, ultimately giving you the freedom to change direction and get into the untapped potential you possess.

You will find yourself unstuck. Now is the time to write your new story, replace the perpetual stream of lies and limitations you've told yourself for far too long with the truth of what you're truly capable of.

You'll turn your pain into your purpose, and ultimately shift your limiting beliefs from "This is not possible" to "This just hasn't been possible...yet."

(Cue movie voiceover guy)

Imagine a world...

  • Where your limiting beliefs are replaced with wonder, making anything possible.

  • Where you can praise the process, recognizing and applauding the value of progress over perfection.

  • Where you can reclaim the role of your imagination, and stop misusing it on things like worry, anxiety and impossibility.

  • Where you no longer believe the lies that you don't belong, aren't creative, can't attain, or are somehow "broken."

  • Where you no longer feel powerless to the negativity swirling around you.

  • Where you have a clear path for your dreams, meaning, success, purpose, and joy.

  • And so much more...

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A trusted guide with 20 years of experience as a Creative Entrepreneur.

Harris III ("the third") spent the majority of the first quarter of his life traveling the world as a professional illusionist, performing and speaking to over 2 million people in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

After making $1 million by 21-years-old, only to go bankrupt at twenty-two, Harris kick-started a decade-long journey to understand the stories we tell ourselves and how they drive all human behavior. Armed with a unique perspective, his career re-exploded as a world-renowned storyteller and bestselling author of the book, The Wonder Switch.

Harris's expertise at crafting transformative learning experiences has drawn the attention and business of creative leaders and executives at global brands like Apple, Google, Disney, Nike and more, along with some of the most innovative non-profit organizations in the world.

Tapping into his background as a professional magician, combined with his unique understanding of the magical power of wonder, Harris developed a structured process that can rapidly accelerate a person's transformation from the life they're living to the life they want to live.

Your Path Back to Wonder

On the heels of his ground-breaking, bestselling book, The Wonder Switch, Harris created the Wonder Mindset Masterclass, which contains the highly sought after content that he regularly gets paid a 5-figure fee to deliver to global companies, non-profits, government agencies, and creative dream teams. He took those transformative insights and broke them down into this 6-module course that you can complete on your own schedule.

You'll walk with Harris through each session as you learn about what it means to have a "Wonder Mindset", how to grow, develop, and maintain that mindset, and recognize which stories you currently subscribe to that need to shift and how to "right" them.

You'll discover what's crushing your wonder and leaving behind limiting beliefs, putting a cap on your growth, causing you to regularly leave opportunities on the table. You'll also discover how those beliefs impact the role of imagination and curiosity in your personal and professional life.


While Harris regularly gets paid 5-figures by major companies to teach this life-changing content, the price of the Wonder Mindset Masterclass is only $1,997. That's a small price to pay for the level of personal and professional transformation you'll experience by completing this course.

UPDATE: For a limited time, you can gain access to the Wonder Mindset Masterclass for ONLY $297. ????

I was so close to skipping this course. My inner voice said, 'Well that doesn't apply to me.' I'm SO glad I jumped in. I've printed out the worksheets, and I'm answering these big questions in my journal. WOW. I have been living a freakin' untrue story for forty years! This is empowering! I've not realized until now that I created a belief from an experience, and then unconsciously lived my life from it. And I see that the story 'being me isn't safe' is untrue (but explains so much). I am now ready to trust and connect with others, even if that means being vulnerable. 



Small Business Owner | FL

A Proven Process for Personal Transformation

Through years of research, experience and collaboration, Harris developed the Transformation Map-a powerful framework for success.

Not to troll on all of the amazing business and self-help leaders out there and what they create, but until you get back to the basics of the story you've been telling yourself all these years, and understanding how that single narrative shapes everything that you've done, you will take those courses and classes operating at a deficit.

Instead, start off on the right foot by taking the time to understand what holds you back, what makes you believe (or not believe) what's truly possible, or how you're subconsciously sabotaging your potential. If you don't design your life with clear intentions, someone else will design it for you. It's time to right  your story.

The Great Awakening

Get ready. Everything is about to change.

The 16 steps of the Transformation Map are broken down into four phases: Wounding, Sleeping, Awakening, and Living.

In The Wonder Mindset Masterclass, Harris takes the time to guide you back to your origin story to explore your "wonder wound" (the thing, or things, that made you start limiting your life and crushing your creativity), helping you identify more easily how you were lulled to sleep. It is only through this look back that you can then look forward together, beginning the process of "righting" your story.

Once you leverage the power of the map to determine where you are in your journey of transformation, you'll be given the tools and insights necessary to make your way back to wonder, and all of the success that accompanies it.

Through a reawakening of wonder, you'll be guided back to the place of living, not coasting, being given the opportunity to live out a truly extraordinary life, tuned into the magic that is in and around you, ultimately putting that magic into action through the work you were put on this planet to do.


What else will I learn?


Imagine sitting the dark. There's not an ounce of light to guide your eyes, causing you to become disoriented, fumbling around as you attempt to get your bearings. Then, someone turns on a light. Everything is illuminated and there is nothing hidden from you anymore.

This is what wonder is like.

It's the moment when someone flips the switch, illuminating your heart, mind and creative soul. When you come to the realization that everything that you do, personally and professionally, hinges on this state of being. With a Wonder Mindset, you are given the tools to see that magic is indeed real, and that is has the potential to guide you down the path to successful leadership and high performance.

In this module, you'll learn how to...

  • Recognize what your current mindset is and how it's been shaped and influenced
  • Find the areas of your personal and professional life that are void of belief and need to change
  • Dig into "What do you want for your life"?
  • Apply the word "Yet" and unlock possibility
  • And more...

Were you aware that human beings are storytelling creatures?

You live and create and do with narrative anchoring you to everything. You make decisions based on stories you believe or don't believe. You start businesses based on stories that are missing or lacking. You make sense of the world around you through story. Everything that you've adopted as true, regardless of its validity, is driving the stories that you tell both yourself and others. Those same stories shape your mindset and have the potential to keep you stuck in an old story full of cynicism and limitations.

Through understanding what narrative you are currently subscribed to (what you or someone else is telling you), we will break down what is crushing the wonder that aches to be released. By helping you identify what those wonder crushers are, you'll be able to recognize the havoc those beliefs have unleashed on your personal and professional life.

In this module, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the lies you tell yourself, and how they're holding you back
  • Uncover the inciting incidents that shaped your belief of those lies and broke your narrative
  • Discover your current life narrative and how it's driving your behavior
  • Pin-point the "big lie" that drives everything that you do (or don't do!)
  • Become consciously aware of the ways your life has shaped you up to this point
  • And more...

There isn't a person on the planet who doesn't dream of living an extraordinary life. You entertain hope and dreams of this life with wild abandon as a child, and slowly over time you lose steam...and ultimately your dreams. What got in the way?

Now that you've broken down the old story, you need to return to that place of child-like wonder and nurture your dreams again. This is your turning point as you take a 1,000 foot view of your past, present, and future with Licensed Experiential Therapist, Marc Pimsler, as he gives you a deeper understanding of your trauma, the stories that emerged from that trauma and shaped every decision for your future, and the process you need to lean in to for healing and the ability to move into your new story.

In this module, you'll learn...

  • Transformative insights from a licensed experiential therapist on trauma and your wonder state
  • The essential steps to begin restoring your narrative
  • How to fill out a "Story Spine" which gives insight to past, present, and future you
  • The ability to go back and write to yourself, giving the gift of healing
  • How to recognize trauma, or your "wonder wound", and create a culture of vulnerability and healing
  • Ways to create space to share your story
  • And so much more...

The hardest work has been done as you've pulled apart your old story, found what it is that you desire for your future, and began laying the foundations for your new story, preparing you to turn the corner and uncover the key components of what living with a wonder mindset actually means and looks like. This is the act of "righting your story". Tapping back into the wonder you lived and breathed as a child, you can find the roots of that positive awe-state that still exists under the surface and begin to move towards a new future.

The Wonder Mindset and everything that comes next for you and your work hinges here, with nothing but a future of possibility laid at your feet. Armed with the belief that "anything is possible", you are given the freedom and encouragement to explore what's been deep inside of you, begging to be released.

In this module, you'll learn how to...

  • Create a positive-awe state, opening you up to the truth
  • Recognize where and how you are wonder deficient
  • Find and define your "real magic"
  • Introduce yourself to your "future story"
  • Discover what you still need to believe
  • And more...

Because we are all storytelling creatures, the human imagination is constantly at work asking what all stories ask, "What happens next?"

For far too long, you have allowed your imaginations to be used and abused and set to the wayside, making space for an invasion of hijacked mindsets and limitations. You misuse your imagination when you allow for fear to call the shots. Instead, you should be leading with a wonder mindset that drives your imagination to create space for an extraordinary life.

Coming alongside you with tools and tactics to change both your perspectives and your mental mantras, you will recapture the wonder that you long for. There are people, practices, and maybe even actual places that may need to change for you, making room instead for your future story.

In this module, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a Wonder Board that supports the new vision for your life and work
  • Take the practical steps to "right" your story
  • Discover what to do if you get stuck
  • Recognize areas of your life that need to change, and create steps on how to change them
  • Learn how Cognitive Dissonance effects your life and work
  • Align your current story with your future story
  • Identify the difference between "Outcome-Oriented" and "Narrative Oriented" habits
  • Create and break bad habits
  • Find the most influential voices in your life
  • And so much more...

You've heard that "love is a verb", but did you know that when wonder becomes a verb, it turns into curiosity? Curiosity is wonder in action. Because your mindset drives your behavior, leading with a wonder mindset removes the limitations and holding back, and opens the door to creativity and innovation.

Research has shown time and time again that the most successful artists and companies in the world are built on the foundations of curiosity, reimagining what's possible and paving the way for it to be harnessed. To be clear, curiosity is not "part of the process"'s the entire process.

By utilizing the tools that you've been given throughout this masterclass, you will find yourself living each day with a new found sense of gratefulness and curiosity that will now sit squarely in the driver's seat of your life.

In this module, you'll learn how to:

  • Find the curiosity that will drive your success
  • The 7 Keys to Curiosity
  • Develop daily gratitude and curiosity exercises
  • Shift from "How" to "Wow"
  • Unlock the art of observation
  • Use your Daily Rituals Worksheet
  • Complete your new Story Spine
  • Live an extraordinary life filled with meaning and magic!
This course helped me realize that I am good enough, that I have things to offer, and that my experiences don't define who I am. Instead, I learned that I can define who I am. I can't wait to share what this masterclass has taught me with others so they can be empowered as well.

Jonathan Germany

Leader & Teacher | Frankfort, KY

Now is your time

Turn Your Pain into Purpose

We can all agree that there has never been a better time to take your life into your own hands and step out on a journey that leaves you doing your best work, being your best self, and impacting the future of the world.

And it's not just because of a global pandemic. Right now is always the best time to make a change for the betterment of your life.

There is power in shifting away from our negative and limiting beliefs, and shifting instead towards a Wonder Mindset, because the actual neural pathways in our brains begin to change, allowing old beliefs and habits to fade away.

In other words, as when we make the shift, we stop believing that we can't, that we aren't, or that it's not possible simply because those options cease to exist. This is how you develop a deep and purposeful vision for your life and your work. It's something top performing leaders and entrepreneurs not only do, but relentlessly pursue throughout their lives.

A Wonder Mindset shows you how to turn your pain into purpose!

Together, Harris will show you how to develop a redemptive perspective on your suffering, so you can stop feeling stuck in the pain of your past. Your pain does not own you or define you, but it can make you better when you learn to see the positive outcomes it offers.

What does your investment get you?

The videos, worksheets, exercises and downloads inside this masterclass have been specifically curated to guide you through Harris' step-by-step process of going from a limiting mindset to a Wonder Mindset, and how to go from an old story to a new story.

Remember, leaders from global companies like Apple, Google, Disney, Nike, and even organizations like NASA pay to attend Harris' conferences, events, and trainings, and often invest thousands of dollars to do so. But you don't have to.

What's the value of changing your future? (Quite a bit.)

While Harris regularly gets paid 5-figures by major companies to teach this life-changing content, the price of the Wonder Mindset Masterclass is only $1,997. That's a small price to pay for the level of personal and professional transformation you'll experience by completing this course.

UPDATE: For a limited time, you can gain access to the Wonder Mindset Masterclass for ONLY $297. ????

We believe that this content isn't meant to be shoved on a bookshelf and only doled out the most elite.
It is what creates the most elite, because the elite don't achieve greatness through limitations. They believe in what's possible through the right mindset, and equip themselves and their teams to make it happen. Are you ready to do the same?

Here's what's included...

  • The Wonder Mindset Virtual Masterclass Sessions (4+ Hours of Training from Harris III)

    ($9,997 value)

  • The Wonder Mindset Worksheets (including Notes, Prompts, Exercises, Templates and More)

    ($297 value)

  • Bonus Training on Trauma with Experiential Therapy Expert, Marc Pimsler

    ($297 value)

  • Recorded Q+A Sessions with Harris

    ($97 value)

  • Access to the Private Wonder Mindset Mastery Facebook Group (Accountability + Collaboration!)


Do the math, and that's some serious savings. (Over $10,000 worth of value for only $1,997!)

UPDATE: Instead of $1,997, pay only $297. ???? This special offer is only available for a limited time.

Why you matter enough to invest right now:

"Why me? I'm just..."

Stop right there and re-read it. Is that what you believe? That you are just...(fill in the blank). Then let us be the very first to tell you that you are at a crossroads.  A crossroads where you can knowingly go back to the life you've been living, and not pursue something with intention and depth. You can continue to play small.

But we need to make sure that you understand that playing small has been cancelled.

We all need to take risks and take steps into a space that is unfamiliar and honestly, a bit scary. It's how we find greatness. It's how we find our creative genius. It's how we produce our best work and keep pulling out the stops for our future.

Stare your future in the face right now. What does it look like if you turn back? What does it look like if you unleash everything you're actually capable of and live in rapt wonder and imagination?

Invest in yourself, invest in your work, and invest in your future, today.

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A Magician You Can Trust

Take a full 14 days to jump into this masterclass, risk-free.

Watch the videos. Download the worksheets. Do the exercises. Take it all for a test drive. If you don't love it, just send us an email and tell us why. We'll issue a complete refund.