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The Circle


Achieve more and worry less by joining a supportive community of creators, leaders, and solopreneurs driven by meaning, purpose, and the transformative power of wonder.

Do you ever wonder if you’re living up to your fullest potential?


That there’s more waiting for you to experience in your life and work?

Maybe there’s a goal you’re struggling to achieve, and it feels like you keep getting stuck. Or perhaps there’s a dream you’ve been holding on to for so long that it feels like it’s slipping through your fingers.

Or maybe you just have a vague sense that you’re not being true to what you’re really capable of. But deep down, you know that there’s some opportunity being left on the table.

2020 was a tough year, leaving many feeling stressed out and struggling to hold onto hope for the future. Some are beyond stressed out—they’re burned out, and no longer believe in the possibility of what could be.

If we aren’t careful, our work—and more importantly, our lives—become ruled by worry instead of driven by the power of wonder.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The Circle is a community of leaders, creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who are aspiring towards purpose-driven work, and living lives filled with meaning and magic.

Through weekly group coaching calls, discussion groups, and monthly workshops, our members escape isolation, master their mindsets, and learn to achieve more together than they ever could alone.


The Path to Everything You Want

Everything you want to achieve (and more) is on the other side of the reawakening of your wonder. This is followed by developing a mindset that allows that wonder to fuel a curious approach to reimagining your work and the narrative that guides it.

Our members hold space for bold, courageous dreams and visions. They live and work from a Wonder Mindset that sees possibility where others see excuses.

At the core of our community is a belief in magic. Is that weird? Sure it is. In an age of information and a society obsessed with certainty, we're programmed to play it safe. We’re told what to think, what to do, and who we’re supposed to be.

We’re told to get in line, stop asking questions, and we end up settling for the status quo, instead of embracing our uniqueness and the the work we're meant to do.

We want to live the lives we’re truly capable of living, not a counterfeit version of it sold to us by the world around us.

Unfortunately, far too many people let the magic they once saw and believed in get educated right out of their souls, wounding their wonder and lulling them to sleep.

They end up trading the truth for a lie, and the dream-filled narrative that was once the driving purpose of our lives was broken.

It's time to wake up and step into a new story.

Turn your pain into purpose.

At the heart of our coaching process is The Transformation Map.

The 16 steps of the Transformation Map are broken down into four phases: Wounding, Sleeping, Awakening, and Living. You'll be guided back to your origin story to explore your wonder wounding, identify the ways you were lulled to sleep. It is only through this look back that we can then look forward together, and begin to reimagine your story.

Once we leverage the power of the map to determine where you are in your journey of transformation, we can explore the tools and insights necessary to make our way back to wonder.

Through a reawakening of wonder, you’ll be guided back to a place of living. Not coasting—really living an extraordinary life tuned into the magic that is in you and around you, and putting that magic into action through the work you were put on this planet to do.

What you see as a mess can become your greatest message, and turn the pain you once felt into powerful purpose.


Information does not equal transformation.


There’s no shortage of voices attempting to solve every mystery facing humanity. And yet, we’re still here. We’re still tired, stressed out, overwhelmed with worry and anxiety and settling for counterfeit versions of the lives we were actually meant to live.

Clearly, information does not equal transformation. That’s why The Circle is unlike the rest of the internet, littered with webinars and classes and courses. There’s nothing wrong with webinars and classes and courses—they're a core part of our community. But at the end of the day, they alone always stop short of facilitating the deep transformation we so desperately need. We need to be coached and led through the change we all so desperately seek.

The success of your membership is found in the combination of training, coaching, community, and accountability.

Your Path to Success

The Path To Worry...

isn’t a path you want to spend time traveling, but sadly, it’s the path that far too many of us find ourselves trapped on. And the only way to get off of this path is to understand how we found ourselves on it to begin with.

In addition to finding life-altering clarity, the other advantage to exploring the Path to Worry is because it also often unlocks the code to discover your current purpose. Imagine how knowing your purpose would enable you to get excited to wake up every day and pursue your life’s work.

The Path To Wonder...

leads to anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. Remember, everything you want is on the other side of wonder, because as Socrates once notably said, “Wisdom begins in wonder.”

If you had wisdom, couldn’t you attain anything you’re in search of? (And let’s be real—wisdom also has a tendency to change what we want, and lead us to discover a deeper, richer, more fulfilling purpose than we originally desired.) Take a moment to consider the direction you're currently headed.

Which path are you on?

Step out of isolation and into connection.


Can you imagine Luke Skywalker trying to take down the evil empire and save the galaxy all on his own? And even if he could, the absence of Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO and the whole host of other characters would’ve made for a pretty boring story.

Luke wasn’t meant to become the hero of his story alone, and neither are you. Like everyone who has succeeded at living a creative life filled with meaning and purpose, you need access to more than just training and insights. You need a coach or mentor, and a community of friends to journey alongside you.

That’s why The Circle is intentionally designed as a community, led by a coach who can serve as your mentor, coaching you back to a place of possibility. And with a sense of belonging, Our community is designed to leave you not only connected, but accountable to yourself and others.

Even solopreneurs can fly solo for a while, but life wasn’t meant to be lived alone. It’s time to get connected to a community of like-minded peers and have life-altering conversations with those peers, led and facilitated by a mentor you can trust. This is the magic you're searching for.

Behind the Magic

20+ Years of Experimentation, Paving the Path for your Magical Life

Harris created The Circle after more than 20 years of experimentation as a creative entrepreneur. He has spent the majority of the first quarter of his life traveling the world as a professional illusionist, performing and speaking to over 2 million people in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

After making $1 million by 21-years-old, only to go bankrupt at twenty-two, Harris kick-started a decade-long journey to understand the stories we tell ourselves and how they drive all human behavior. Armed with a unique perspective, his career re-exploded as a world-renowned storyteller.

His expertise at crafting transformative learning experiences has drawn the attention and business of creative leaders and executives at global brands like Apple, Google, Disney, Nike and more, along with some of the most innovative non-profit organizations and government agencies in the world–even NASA.

Tapping into his background as a professional magician, combined with his unique understanding of the magical power of wonder, Harris developed a structured process that can rapidly accelerate a person’s transformation from the life they’re living to the life they want to live.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain invaluable insight from a leading creative entrepreneur who has a track record of success. It's a window that may not be open for long.

Do Extraordinary Work. Live an Extraordinary Life.

Your membership in The Circle sets you up to succeed at living an extraordinary life. The experience of membership has been intentionally designed to assist transformation in multiple ways, ranging from the core curriculum, group coaching calls, facilitated conversations, the support of an online community, and even guest trainings from a variety of leading experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, storytelling, creativity, entrepreneurship and more.

Here’s what’s included in your membership:


The Wonder Mindset Masterclass

Learn how to stop limiting your life and start living your dream

On-ramp your Circle membership with The Wonder Mindset Masterclass, a six-module program designed to help you identify the parts of your narrative that are rooted in lies, driving untrue stories, and limiting your life. You'll learn how to right your story, shift the narrative, and get back to living and working from a place of wonder, possibility, and curiosity.

($1,997 value)

  • Mindset Monday Weekly Coaching Calls

    Gain access to Harris's weekly group coaching call. Volunteer to jump on the hot seat to get coached yourself, or simply listen in and soak up the wisdom shared as your peers learn to master their mindsets that drive their beliefs, and ultimately, their success.
    ($3,564 annual value)

  • Wonder Wednesday Discussion Calls

    A weekly, members-only Q+A call with Harris, where the curtain is pulled back on the makings of being a creative entrepreneur, building a successful business, and living a magical life. These weekly Zoom-style meetings range from consulting with members on requested topics, to breakout room discussions intentionally designed to maximize growth.
    ($1,164 annual value)

  • Private Facebook Group Access

    At the core of this group coaching program is a supportive community, accomplishing more together than we ever could alone. To maximize connection, you'll gain access to our private Facebook group, curated with collaboration in mind, and free of drama and divisiveness.
    ($997 value)

  • Monthly "Magic" Lessons

    You’ll join Harris each month for a virtual workshop or "fireside chat" with a guest expert instructor. These monthly "magic lessons" focus on a variety of topics, all designed to help you do extraordinary work and live a magical life. 
    ($3,564 annual value*)

    *(These guest instructors regularly charge anywhere from $99-$1,999 for their virtual workshops on their own platforms, and you'll gain access to a special live training every month.)

That’s an annual value of over $10,000.

Would you invest that amount of money to transform your future?

What would you invest to change the rest of your life and never be the same again?

Many people spend that and much more on just a single online course, leaving them to learn on their own without the support of a coach or a community. Companies regularly hire Harris to come speak at their event or work with their team and pay that much money for a single day.

But becoming a member of The Circle for an entire YEAR is being offered at a fraction of that...

What’s the Total Investment? Let’s ask a different and more important question:

What’s the cost of not changing the path you’re currently on? What is lost by leaving your fullest potential on the table?

If you gained the clarity you need in order to get unstuck, step into a new story, do more meaningful work, and live an extraordinary life, how much happier would you be? What kind of impact would that have on your income? Your relationships? Your mental and emotional well-being?

Become a member of The Circle by choosing a payment option that best works for you:


Monthly payments of

Flexible Payment Plan


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Almost $1,000/year in savings!

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3 Powerful Reasons to Get Started Now

You’ve put off the life you once imagined for long enough. If you’ve made it this far, and while reading, felt that voice inside of you saying, “You can’t afford not to take this step,” then it’s time to take the step. It’s time to step into a new story and transform your future.

Here are 3 additional advantages to joining today...

  • 01. Lock in Your Lower Rate

    The regular price for The Circle membership is currently $997/year. The price has already gone up since our launch, and will continue to do so. Choose the annual option to lock in even deeper savings, and as a way of making the commitment to your personal and professional development that you deserve.

  • 02. You Can Cancel Anytime

    Not happy with your membership? You can cancel it at any time. No risk. No contracts. No sales pitches to keep you on board. If you aren’t completely wowed by your experience and the impact it’s having on your life and work, just email us and let us know you’d like to cancel and we’ll cancel your membership right away. Simple and easy 5-star customer support, just like you deserve.

  • 03. This is a Limited Opportunity

    In order to take great care of our members, we only open the door to new members twice a year. Once the doors close, there’s no way to get in until they reopen again. No special sliding bookcases. No secret passwords. Membership is closed until the next time we open. Sign up for the waitlist so you don’t miss it your next chance. And once opened, join immediately, before it’s too late.

Ready for a Life of Magic?

This is Waiting Inside Your Membership:


Discover More Purpose

Why are you here? How will you make an impact? One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find the purpose of the current chapter of our story. Harris will help you understand that your greatest purpose is often found in the exploration of your greatest pain. The Wonder Mindset Masterclass guides you through eye-opening exercises for gaining the clarity and certainty you need to know and honor your unique purpose, and our weekly calls help solidify the clarity you need to turn your mess into a message.


Allow Your Mission To Become Clear

Imagine waking up excited every day, eager to get started with your work. With a new perspective on the story of your past, you’ll be guided through the development of a fresh vision for your future. Discover the clarity you need to get unstuck and eager to put your wonder to work.


Begin Down the Path Towards Attaining Your Goals

Develop a clear understanding of how overcoming a Limiting Mindset and developing a Wonder Mindset is essential to your ability to change your life. You’ll learn the secret to changing your habits by rewiring your brain. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually just real neuroscience. Combine this understanding with powerful group coaching and a supportive community—and it works like magic.

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