What's holding you back from living the creative life you dream of?


If you want to cultivate a life of magic, you must change the untrue stories you tell yourself. Only then can you embrace the radical self-inquiry required to make the leap to a new story. Wonder is what gives us permission to believe that a new story is possible, long before we are able to see it come to life.


A wondrous lens on healing ourselves and our world in this strangest and hardest of times."


Krista Tippett

American Journalist, Author, and Founder of On Being

Reclaim Your Wonder,
Reshape Your life.

We are all born with the wonder switch in the "on" position, but somewhere along the way, our wonder is crushed. And that's when we begin to live out of a self-limiting mindset that shuts down our sense of possibility and purpose.

Yet reclaiming your wonder—and with it—your life, is within reach. In The Wonder Switch, join world-renowned storyteller and professional illusionist Harris III in a journey to bring you back to the magic you've lost—not the stuff of sleight of hand that he performs across world stages, but real magic: love, hope, joy, belonging, meaning, and purpose.

One of wonder's greatest powers is that it changes the stories we tell ourselves. With the help of Harris's power-packed Transformation Map, you'll gain the tools you need to switch from the old story that leaves you unfulfilled to the new story that will make you a healthier, happier, all-around better human being.

It's time to get back to dreaming, innovating, and creating the life you were actually meant to live.


Learn How to Understand Your Past and Redesign Your Future

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Who is this book for?


If you...

  • Ever feel stuck creatively...
  • Feel trapped by worry or anxiety...
  • Are regularly bored and frustrated...
  • Feel like you’re leaving opportunity on the table...
  • Long to do something more meaningful in your work...
  • Aren’t creating a life you love, and want a life filled with magic...
  • Are ready to wake up to all that this life has to offer you...

...then this book is for you.

The Wonder Switch will show you how to live a new story filled with possibility. Best of all, this book will meet you wherever you are. You’ll get everything you need to “right your story,” and get back to the life you were meant to live, wide awake and able to see the magic again.

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Harris III


Harris III

Harris “the third” has spent the majority of his life traveling the globe as a professional illusionist performing his unique brand of magic and storytelling for more than two million people on five continents. After making a million dollars by twenty-one years old, only to go bankrupt at twenty-two, Harris kickstarted a decade-long journey to understand the stories we tell ourselves and how they drive all human behavior. Armed with a unique perspective, his career re-exploded as a world-renowned storyteller whose live experiences, training, and consulting are now sought out by some of the world’s biggest brands, non-profits, and most influential leaders.