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The world has changed. Are you changing with it, or being left behind?


In times of unprecedented change, how do you lead your organization and your clients, customers or stakeholders into the future?

Harris and his work is trusted by leaders at:

Virtual Events and Interactive Keynotes


More than ever before, now is the time to lead by developing and casting a vision that stirs the imaginations of those you influence. Leaders worth following are those who remind others of who they are, which reawakens their wonder to what is possible. These important shifts are only accomplished through the magical power of story.

Great leaders bring stories to life and invite their teams, clients and customers to become characters in that story. The result is a new narrative that creates clarity, alignment, and confidence regardless of new market conditions.

Brands like Apple, Google, Disney and hundreds of other organizations, including some of the most notable non-profits in the world, look to Harris III for creative inspiration and insights about the future of storytelling.

In this new, interactive keynote and virtual breakout experience, Harris not only offers an inspiring new vision for the future, he also equips leaders with the most essential insights every leader needs as they leverage the power of story to navigate change.

Ways organizations have been partnering with Harris through Virtual Experiences:

  • Virtual Keynotes for Online Summits and Conferences
  • Workshops and Trainings with facilitated conversations and breakouts
  • As a guest speaker for virtual team gatherings like monthly Lunch n’ Learns
  • Virtual Brainstorming and Creative Sessions
  • As a special guest for Panels and Virtual Round-table Discussions
  • And much more!

Harris has the unique ability to deliver highly-engaging, broadcast quality content virtually through a fully equipped, professional video studio, right in the safety of his home. He is able to serve event planners as a stress-free solution to the challenges they’re facing in this unprecedented time.


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