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The Wonder Weekend

A weekend of connection and clarity to accelerate a meaningful life filled with purposeful, profitable work you love.

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Join Harris III in his personal home for a highly curated, small group experience designed to help you level up your life.

Leave the monotony of a mundane life filled with the regret of "if only," and step into the possibly of "what if?" by returning back to The Wisdom of Wow.

Join bestselling author and entrepreneur, Harris III for The Wonder Weekend, a small group weekend intensive limited to only 8 people, so you'll be able to receive the individualized coaching and support you need to create unstoppable momentum.

It's time to go all-in on what you’re creating, clarify your future, and reclaim the life and work––the Wonder Work––that you were put on this planet to experience.

Harris has the unique experience to help you make your wildest dream for the future your most inspiring reality.
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Ken Black

Former VP of Design Future at Nike

You know it, and I know it...

You were meant for more.

Stop leaving potential on the table.

The Wonder Weekend is a small group intensive designed to help you move from the story you're stuck in to the story that sets you free to live your best, most creative life.

Harris will guide you through a proven process for change, and get you back to the "Wisdom of Wow."
It will transform your pain into purpose, your worry into wonder, and help you develop the essential perspective and necessary practices for creating lasting change in your life and work.


Wonder changes everything.

More purpose. More profits. More possibility.

The world around you has spent a fortune in both time and money to keep you in line. To tell you that you aren’t enough, that you don’t belong, and that you couldn’t possibly (fill in the blank).

That's intentional. Because if you spend too much time awake in wonder to what you're truly capable of, you'll challenge the status quo and begin to think for yourself.

Wonder opens you up to new possibilities, both personally and professionally. And because it's also the beginning of wisdom, with that wisdom, you can change and impact just about anything.

The question you have to ask yourself now is this: How much longer are you willing to ignore your potential and defer possibility?

The Wonder Weekend is designed to...

  • Help you enter a new chapter with clarity and confidence.

  • Show you how to reclaim your imagination and stop using it to worry, doubt, and stress about what you’re capable of.

  • Learn to face the stories of self-sabotage head on, no longer believing “I don’t belong," “I’m not enough,” or “I can’t.”

  • Help you tap back in to a more focused and passion-fueled life.

  • Get you clear on the path for your dreams, success, joy, and legacy.

  • Leave the limiting beliefs behind and replace them with wonder, which makes anything possible.

  • And so much more, because anything truly is possible...

Stop living someone else's dream.

The Wisdom of Wow Framework

A Proven Plan with 3 Core Components for Change

  • WonderSwitchWhiteLarge

    Wonder Switch

    The Wisdom of Wow journey begins back at the place in your childhood where wonder started to dim–those inciting incidents that chipped away at your belief in what was possible. Through an in-depth understanding of the Wonder Switch, you'll see how your past informs the way you show up in the present, and explore the untapped potential of your future.

  • WonderMindsetWhiteLarge

    Wonder Mindset

    As your wonder is reawakened, you'll begin to solidify wonder as a way of being in the world through the formation of the Wonder Mindset. You'll begin to step into the development of new practices, create new patterns through new neural pathways, and build a growth-oriented mindset that views the world through the lens of possibility.

  • WonderWorkWhiteLarge

    Wonder Work

    After flipping the Wonder Switch and solidifying your Wonder Mindset, you'll unlock your Wonder Work. This is where purpose, profits, and poetry begin to intersect. It's where your wonder no longer simply changes the story you tell yourself about who you are, it informs work that impacts the stories that others tell themselves about who they are. 


Stop trying to DIY your own success.

We're better together than we are on our own.

That's why The Wonder Weekend is designed to be experienced together.

Leveraging the latest science and research on how we as human beings learn and grow, this isn't a weekend-long "class" with Harris presenting non-stop content, because information does not equal transformation.

You'll experience The Wonder Weekend together, with a small group of other like-minded, soon-to-be friends. This experiential approach helps you gain access to the collective wisdom and intelligence of a group.

By getting out of isolation and back into connection, you not only maximize your ROI and the value of this experience, you set yourself up for lasting change.

You weren’t meant to do this alone, and with a weekend away to really focus on you and your growth, you'll get the content and creative exercises necessary to clarify your life and work, the coaching you need to take immediate action, and the connection and community that makes your momentum unstoppable.


How much does it cost?

What's the value of a future filled with everything you want?

Leaders from global companies like Apple, Google, Disney, Nike, and even organizations like NASA pay to attend Harris' conferences, events, and trainings. While Harris regularly gets paid 5-figures by major companies to teach these life-changing ideas and frameworks, The Wonder Weekend is only $2,997, or 2 payments of only $1,597.

What does your investment get you?


In addition to your time with Harris, here's what else is included in your weekend experience...

  • Learn from Harris in his Home in Nashville

    This weekend is meant to be intimate and comfortable, and Harris does some of his most creative work right in his own home! Enjoy the space to spread out, be together, and really feel at home through this small group experience in the same spaces Harris and his team dream and create in on a daily basis.

  • Thursday Night Welcome Dinner with Harris & His Family

    You’re invited to an in-home, family-style dinner at Harris’ home the evening before we begin. This is more than a great meal prepared by a personal chef for the evening. It’s a time to connect, get to know one another, lay the groundwork for expectations, and kickstart a transformative weekend together.

  • Continental Breakfast & Lunch on Friday & Saturday

    Because you’ll be hanging at Harris’ house, there will be plenty of coffee, tea, and light breakfast items available for you, and lunch will be catered in. Magic often happens during the times you least expect, whether during creative exercises facilitated by Harris, or around a table during a meal with new friends.

  • In-Person Training & Coaching

    Harris continually works with organizations and teams who pay over $15,000 per day to do the kind of work we will be delving into throughout this retreat. We are limiting the amount of attendees to 8 specifically so you have an individualized experience with the support you need to step into a new chapter of your story.

  • Access to the Collective Wisdom & Intelligence of your Group (Accountability + Collaboration!)

    This isn't just an opportunity to experience group coaching led and facilitated by Harris and his team, you'll be walking alongside others in like-minded community, providing an opportunity to leverage the collective wisdom and intelligence of our Wonder Weekend group. 

  • Enrollment in The Wisdom of Wow Core Curriculum

    Registration for The Wonder Weekend also grants you access to The Wisdom of Wow, a transformative online course. This course sells for $997 on its own, and serves as the core curriculum for the intensive.

    While going through this online content isn't mandatory, it will certainly maximize the value and ROI of your retreat experience. Module 01 will be immediately unlocked, as it's a great way to prepare for our time together, and you'll gain access to Modules 02 and 03 on the heels of your experience in Nashville, setting you up for future success in the work that follows the weekend.


Join us for The Wonder Weekend for a
one-time investment of only $2,997,
or 2 payments of just $1,597.

This special offer is only available for 8 people.

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Your Guide

Meet your guide through The Wonder Weekend.

Harris III (“the third”) is a speaker, storyteller, and bestselling author of The Wonder Switch.

As an award-winning illusionist, he has performed and spoken live to more than 2 million people in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. After traveling the globe and making $1 million by 21-years-old, only to go bankrupt at 22, Harris kick-started a decade-long journey to understand the stories we tell ourselves and how they drive all human behavior.

Armed with a unique perspective, his career re-exploded as a world-renowned speaker, writer, storyteller and entrepreneur. His expertise at crafting transformative learning experiences has drawn the attention of creative leaders and executives at global brands like Apple, Google, Disney, Nike and more, along with some of the most innovative non-profit organizations and government agencies in the world--even NASA.

Whether he's helping spark change in 10,000 people in an arena, coaching a leadership team virtually, or curating transformative retreat experiences for culture-shaping entrepreneurs, Harris takes others on a journey of self-discovery to help them find the clarity needed to get unstuck. He won't just motivate you, he’ll teach you how to bring about the change you seek using actionable frameworks rooted in the transforming power and science of wonder and story.

Harris and his work is trusted by leaders at:

Harris has a gift for communicating ideas that most people don't understand. He is a rare storyteller who can help us rediscover the living stream of wonder that flows within our grasp.

Don hahn

Don Hahn

Legendary Disney Producer

Why you matter enough to invest right now:

"Why me? I'm just..."

Stop right there and re-read that statement. Is that what you actually believe? That you’re “just”?

For the record, you are not just “just”. Stop playing small. You were meant for more.

Taking risks and stepping into a space that is unfamiliar is a bit scary, but it's where greatness lives and thrives, and you were made for greatness.

It’s outside your comfort zone where you discover your  creative “genius." And it’s where the fullest version of possibility lives.

What would happen if you took the risk, only to unleash everything that you’ve always been capable of, all while living in rapt awe, wonder and potential?

It's time.

Invest in yourself, invest in your work, and invest in your future, today.

Harris has a personal track record of incredibly diverse and remarkable accomplishments. He knows how to manifest and actualize dreams for the future.


Gillian Ferrabee

Cirque du Soleil Veteran

Still have questions? 


The Wonder Weekend is a weekend intensive curated by Harris and his team with the express goal of bringing a small group together to dig into the stories that have shaped who you’ve become, all while working to pinpoint the moments and stories that have held you back and stifled your growth.

If you’re looking for clarity, this weekend is for you. If you long to feel excited about the next chapter of your life, this is for you. If you want to connect to others who are in a similar mindset, all while pursuing more for the future, this is for you.

The Wonder Weekend will be held in Nashville, TN, at Harris’ house! Our goal is that in this space, you can get comfortable, allow yourself to be pushed and open to guidance, and step away from the distractions of your fast-paced life in order to connect to wonder, clarity and possibility. 

Because of this intimate location, the retreat is limited to only 8 people, and it will fill up quickly!

After you register, you'll receive recommendations on lodging options near Harris' home. If you stay at the recommended hotel, we will provide transportation to and from your hotel and Harris' home, and to and from each of our curated experiences around the city of Nashville.

Because we want to maximize your time together in order to get the most out of your experience, we will kick off Thursday night with a chef-led dinner at Harris’ house. From there, we will make sure you have plenty of food, snacks, and drinks for breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday. Friday night, you are on your own, and then we will reconvene Saturday for a fun Nashville experience, ending with brunch on Sunday at a local favorite.

We want you to get the most out of our time together, so plan to meet at Harris’ house at 8:30 AM, with the goal of starting promptly at 9:00 AM. From there, we’ll take frequent breaks, including lunch, and plan to finish the around 5:00 PM. You’ll be walking through individual work, team work, and small group work so you can get exactly what you need.

Feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and someone will be in touch! If needed, we’re happy to jump on a no-pressure call to answer any questions in an effort to guide you to the best decision for you and this season of your life.

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A Magician You Can Trust

Come experience The Wonder Weekend, risk-free.

If you show up but don't love it, let us know how we failed you prior to leaving Nashville, and we'll not only issue a complete refund, we'll leave you with a thank you gift for taking a chance on yourself and us.