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A Free 5-day challenge • January 1-5, 2024

Change Your Story,
Change Your Reality

Feeling stuck in work and life? What if you could kickstart real, lasting momentum in just 5 days?

Join The Week of Wonder Challenge LIVE, and discover how wonder and possibility can help you step into the profitable, purpose-filled story that you were meant to live.

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Harris has a personal track record of incredibly diverse and remarkable accomplishments. He knows how to manifest and actualize dreams for the future.


Gillian Ferrabee

Cirque du Soleil Veteran



We all get to see or hear that slogan on an annual basis. The implication being that you are somehow defeated, broken, and so utterly useless in your current state that you need to become a new version of yourself.

Don't buy the lie.

While we don't need you to become a new version of yourself, we do need you to, in the words of Paulo Coehlo, "unbecome everything that isn't you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

Same you. New chapter.

Have you ever wondered what you were truly capable of? What might just be possible if you stopped settling for the script that's been handed to you?

You don't have to start a brand new story, but maybe it's time to start a new chapter. What narratives will fill the pages of this chapter?

Let's get curious together.

Join The Week of Wonder Challenge, and let's kickstart the healing of broken narratives, so you can start living from a place of wonder and possibility. From that place, you can step into the profitable, purpose-filled story that you were meant to live.

This challenge happens live, online, every day for 5 days starting January 1, 2024. Are you ready to turn the page and start a new chapter?

In Just 5 Days You'll Learn:

  • The groundbreaking neuroscience of Awe and Wonder
  • How to avoid "The Misuse of Imagination" and harness the driving force behind all human behavior
  • The "3 Stories of Self-Sabotage" and how to change them
  • How to leverage "The Duty of Desire" to win financially and level up your leadership
  • How your 5 senses keep you distracted and cynical, and how the "Believing is Seeing" principle is like a cheat code for life
  • How real curiosity unlocks the "Permission to Believe" that precedes every stage of personal and professional growth
  • How to gain "The Wisdom of Wow" in your life, transform your work, health, relationships, and so much more...

We'll cover this and more each morning over the course of 5 days, through a combination of written content and video livestreams, with supportive creative exercises. The Week of Wonder Challenge begins LIVE on Monday, January 1, 2024.


Discover More Purpose, Profits & Possibility

You know it. I know it.

The world around you has spent a fortune in both time and money to keep you in line.

To tell you that you aren’t enough, that you don’t belong, and that you couldn’t possibly (fill in the blank).

That's intentional. Because the status quo feels safe. And if you spend too much time awake in wonder to what you're truly capable of, you'll challenge the status quo and begin to think for yourself.


Wonder changes everything.

Wonder opens you up to new possibilities, personally and professionally. It's the beginning of wisdom – and with that wisdom, you can impact just about anything.

The question you have to ask yourself now is this:

How much longer will you keep pushing back what's truly possible?

Your 5-day challenge starts January 1st.

What if you could kickstart real, lasting momentum in just 5 days?

During this 5-day challenge, you'll walk through the same process Harris has been taking his clients through over the last several years to help them transform their lives and work.

You will be challenged to the very core of what you believe about yourself and the world around you. All so you can start living the life you were meant to life.

Enroll now to secure your free spot in The Week of Wonder Challenge.

The Week of Wonder Challenge is a live, virtual 5-day journey together that begins on Monday, January 1, 2024. Enroll now to save your spot!


Harris has a gift for communicating ideas that most people don't understand. He is a rare storyteller who can help us rediscover the living stream of wonder that flows within our grasp.

Don hahn

Don Hahn

Legendary Disney Producer

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Meet Your Guide Back to the "Wisdom of Wonder"

Harris has a long career proving that "impossible" is just an opinion.

Harris III

Harris III (“the third”) is a speaker, storyteller, and bestselling author of The Wonder Switch.

As an award-winning illusionist, he has performed and spoken live to more than 2 million people in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. After traveling the globe and making $1 million by 21-years-old, only to go bankrupt at 22, Harris kick-started a decade-long journey to understand the stories we tell ourselves and how they drive all human behavior.

Armed with a unique perspective, his career re-exploded as a world-renowned speaker, writer, storyteller and entrepreneur. His expertise at crafting transformative learning experiences has drawn the attention of creative leaders and executives at global brands like Apple, Google, Disney, Amazon, Nike and more, along with some of the most innovative non-profit organizations and government agencies in the world--even NASA.

Whether he's helping sparking change in 30,000 employees in an arena, coaching a leadership team virtually, or curating transformative retreat experiences for culture-shaping entrepreneurs, Harris takes others on a journey of self-discovery to help them find the clarity needed to get unstuck. He won't just motivate you, he’ll teach you how to bring about the change you seek using actionable frameworks rooted in the transforming power of wonder and story.

Harris has the unique experience to help you make your wildest dream for the future your most inspiring reality.

Ken Black Photo

Ken Black

Former VP of Design Future at Nike


Make Your Next Chapter Your Best One Yet.

Every day that you keep putting off the changes you need to make in order to live a more creative life, you continue to miss out on the magic that’s meant for you to experience. But that magic still there. It has always been there, patiently waiting on your return back to wonder.

You are not alone. Join us, get your eyes wide open, and kickstart the momentum you need for the most focused and profitable season of your life.

Harris III

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