Magic Around the World 2017-10-25T16:24:41+00:00

Amazing Goldfish Magic

On a trip to Thailand, I decided to stop by a park just outside of Bangkok and do some magic.  Watch what I did with some candy from a local street vendor.

Muay Thai Magic

While in Thailand, I had the chance to visit a Muay Thai kickboxing match.  I got to go back to the locker room and do some magic with the competitors.  Find out if my hands quicker than their eyes.

Mind-Bending Metal

I decided to surprise a few people in a local restaurant in Thailand with a little bit of silverware magic.

Haiti Trip

My wife, Kate and I had the awesome opportunity to visit Haiti to experience Food for the Hungry’s incredible work.  I even got the chance to do some magic for a child that I sponsor.  Watch to see how we were changed by what we saw and how you can change a life along side of Food for the Hungry.