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Right Your Story

Are you ready to live a better life? Learn a proven process designed to help you understand your past and redesign your future with clarity and purpose. Prepare to step into a new story through the power of the Transformation Map. This FREE training will show you how.

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My life’s journey is a clear example and proof of concept that the Transformation Map is not simply a whimsical idea or hypothesis to casually consume. I am proof that the ideas Harris lays out for you are feasible and verifiable. I now know firsthand about the transformative power of wonder being switched ON and what it can catalyze—a productive imagination and a Wonder Mindset that is freed by hope and driven by curiosity.


Kevin Carroll

Bestselling Author & Creativity Expert


You were meant for more.

Deep down, you know it already, but I'll just spell it out for you:

You’re leaving opportunities on the table.

You were meant for more.

You know it.

I know it.

But you don’t know how to get unstuck.

And you feel overwhelmed by the changes you know need to happen in your life and work. Maybe if you had clarity, things would be different.

Things can be different.

You can awaken your wonder to a whole new world of possibilities. Like the possibility of stepping into a brand new story. A story that includes doing work you love instead of work you don't. Or a story filled with love and belonging instead of isolation and loneliness. Or almost any other story you can imagine. And I can show you how.

It's time to "right" your story.

In this free training, you’ll learn how to understand your past and redesign your future with clarity and purpose through the proven steps of the Transformation Map.

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Together we'll discover:

  • The 3 biggest lies holding people back from their fullest potential
  • The primary driver of your habits and behavior, and how to change them (get ready for a HUGE epiphany!)
  • How to move from cynicism and complacency to hope and curiosity
  • The ground-breaking new research about an almost never talked-about component that all successful people share in common
  • The real secret to living a life filled with creativity and innovative thinking
  • How to replace limiting beliefs with wonder, creating an openness to possibility
  • What this all has to do with your current level of success in your life, work, relationships, and even parenting
  • And so much more...

In 60 minutes, I'll show you practical changes you can make RIGHT NOW to begin the process of changing your life and work.

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Are you ready to
Right Your Story?

Every day you keep putting off the changes you need to make in order to live a better life, you continue to miss out on the magic that’s meant for you to experience. But it’s still there, patiently waiting on the other side of you transforming your life.

And if you feel like you’re thriving at work, I can almost guarantee there are still a few leadership blindspots holding you back.

But growth, and the extraordinary life that comes with it, it is easier than you think. This webinar will kickstart your momentum.

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