Harris has partnered with some of the world’s most respected leaders, churches, schools, colleges, and other organizations, and shared the stage with countless authors and performing artists. Below is a small sampling of what some of them are saying about their experiences with Harris…

Best-Selling Author of Love Does

“I love Harris, because he encourages others to go big in their faith by exposing our fears as illusions. When our fears and deceptions are exposed, we can go do stuff! Instead of falling for the illusion of more, let Harris encourage you to do more instead of have more. ”

Pastor & Author

“You wouldn’t expect an illusionist to reveal secrets, but this one does. Harris reveals the greatest secret of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ. I was impressed with his skill. Even more impressed with his faith.”

Lead Singer – Third Day

“What an awesome time my family and I had watching Harris, III last night! We were not only amazed by his great illusions, but were extremely impressed with his strong and clear presentation of the gospel.”

Materials Science Division NASA

“As the Systems Failure Analyst for NASA, it’s my job to see what others miss. You were amazing…I didn’t catch a thing.”

Elvis Presley Enterprises

“Harris made Christmas more than magical here at Graceland! Amazing job!”


“Our entire staff along with the entire audience of 11,000 people were in awe of his performance – we are still receiving great feedback. Harris is a true professional to work with, and I couldn’t recommend him higher!”

Author & Speaker

“Harris can make it snow, walk on sharp glass barefoot, read minds, and defy death itself while performing dangerous escapes. But his greatest art is experienced when he gets your eyes, ears and mind to feast on deception, and then in one abracadabra ‘ah ha’ moment, causes you to walk away with your heart full of truth!”

Radio Host & Author

“I’m a huge fan of Harris III! It’s great to hear a young voice of reason in a world mesmerized by deception. Freedom, financially and spiritually, comes from knowing truth and Harris dares you to look behind the curtain.”

Founder of charity:water

“Harris’s magic is breathtaking, and perhaps only trumped by his deep character and hopeful spirit. His enthusiasm for wonder is contagious.”


“We partnered with Harris III for two very significant events and his presence and performance contributed to a very successful presentation. Harris brings a strong stage presence and a sense of drama to his work.”

North Point Community Church

“He understands the true art of connecting with an audience, and presents so much more than just a ‘show’. He takes the audience on an exciting journey, full of laughter, transparent stories, wonder & amazement.”

Campus Pastor

“Can’t say enough about this guy. He’s known for being an incredible illusionist, but it’s the words he shares amidst the magic that God is using to change lives. If you need someone to take your event to the next level, message him NOW.”

Jon Acuff
New York Times Bestselling Author

“Harris is one of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen! If he’s anywhere near you, don’t miss it!”

Matthew Barnett
Lead Pastor of The Dream Center & Angelus Temple, LA

“Harris III performed at our church, Angelus Temple, during the Christmas season. He was incredible. He captivated the audience with his allusions and then followed up with a powerful message of Christ. It was our best Christmas show yet. I would highly recommend Harris III for any church service or corporate event.”

Carlos Whittaker
Speaker, Writer and Musician

“I live in a world of storytellers. I get to see on a weekly basis some of the best storytellers in the country practicing their craft. What I love about Harris III is that he doesn’t just tell you a great story. He actually is able to pull you inside of the story and heal your wounded sense of wonder in ways you never imagined.”

Director of Campus Programming Liberty University

“I wanted to take time to thank you for another wonderful performance for our student body. Both of your sets were very entertaining, and we have heard rave reviews from students who were there. Everyone had a great time, and they are already asking if we can book you for another show.”

President/Founder Upward Unlimited, Inc.

“I’ve seen a lot of people do a lot of things with what God has given them. Harris, III simply shares the love of Jesus Christ with the gifts and talents that God has given him unlike anyone I have ever seen before. His courteous and professional manner has made him a pleasure to work with in every aspect of his ministry! Get him while you still can!”

Director of Church Ministry Training & Events Lifeway

“We did not expect to be blown away and bless by Harris and his ministry. What a surprise!! We came to the event talking about the main speaker, but left talking about Harris III.”

Director – Bigstuf Camps and Bigstuf Productions

“We invited Harris to come to Catalyst this year, and at Bigstuf Camps, to work with us on a few fun things on the stage. His big finish left all the guys in the band with their mouths open…but they weren’t singing. They just didn’t know how the heck he did what he did. The audience was mesmerized as well, but the band was right there beside him…amazing.”

Leadership Expert, Speaker, & Author

“Harris was great! I was watching so close, but I was blown away! Phenomenal job!”

Editor – Brio Magazine

“I’ve seen Harris perform three times now, and I not only admire his sheer talent, but I adore his commitment to Christ and his passion to bring absolute Truth to today’s generation. Harris is one of the most talented performers I’ve seen, yet his humble attitude allows God to truly minister through him to audiences of all ages.”

Jason Hayes
Young Adult Ministry Specialist Lifeway Christian Resources

“Harris is one of the most talented communicators I have ever had the privilege of hosting. He displays an amazing combination of illusions, charisma, and faith. I would highly recommend for him for any event that you may be programming.”

Johnny Hunt
Pastor, Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention

“Incredible, amazing & over the top entertaining! Harris III led 100’s of pastors in all of our Timothy Barnabas conferences. I had even greater amazement when he articulated the Gospel with clarity and creativity. Can’t wait to introduce him to as many people as possible at FBC Woodstock!”

Sandi Patty
Award Winning Female Vocalist

“Storytelling is an art form. A form that can take many shapes. I am always drawn to storytellers who bring out something new in my own story because of how it causes me to reflect. Harris III is first and foremost a gifted storyteller who has chosen to use illusion to uncover the deception surrounding us to ultimately reveal truth. You may be scratching your head wondering how he’s just done an amazing illusion, but by the end you realize he’s uncovering profound truth that will change you.”

Anita Renfroe
Comedian & Author

“Anyone who has ever seen Harris III perform knows that he is masterful with an illusion, but his real gift is separating truth from lies and bringing truth to life. Harris’ performance, and his words, will encourage, inspire and leave you fully satisfied and wanting more, in the best possible way.”

Patsy Clairmont
Women of Faith speaker and author of Twirl,
a Fresh Spin on Life

“Harris III’s illustrious illusions are matched by his passion for principles. Call it a divine spell, if you will, Harris’ handling of the truth leaves us transformed. Not a rabbit out of a hat, but rocks out of our heart as we encounter anew the True Transformer.”

Jud Wilhite
Senior Pastor, Central Christian Church

“Harris III will blow your mind with his illusions and expand your heart with his insight and passion. He’s a powerful speaker who leaves audiences wanting more. Our people absolutely loved it when he shared with us. I recommend him without hesitation for your next event. You’ll love him!”

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