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Current Opening


Job Title: Event Coordinator

Type: Full Time Role

Location: Nashville preferred, but majority of work will be performed remotely.

Compensation: Salary + Full Benefit Package

Role Summary:

Harris III and his team at Istoria Collective are seeking an events-focused leader to help in our next chapter of growth, by assisting with the execution of transformative experiences for the clients and communities we serve.

Istoria is a collective of brands with multi-tiered offerings. When you combine the events of Harris, STORY, Solo Con, ISEP (The International Society for Experiential Professionals), the Inner Circle and more, plus include virtual events, there are 100+ events each year, often-times multiple events happening each week simultaneously.

Many of these events carry a very small workload like advancing an event with a client and making travel reservations, and a few of these events are quite complex, like a full-scale, multi-day conference with 30 presenters and 1,000+ attendees from global brands.

To be responsible for the details and logistics of each of these events, you will need to be highly detail-oriented with strong communication skills, gifted at project management and anticipate solutions to unexpected problems. You’ll help a very wide variety of events run smoothly, ranging from virtual and in-person conferences, high-end retreats, trainings, workshops and much more.

You’ll need the pre-existing travel experience that enables you to book and coordinate travel details and itineraries without stress, and leave no detail overlooked in order to ensure that our presenters can focus on serving our clients and attendees well. You must be amazing at scheduling and calendaring.

At times, this role will feel like you’re partly serving as an Administrative or Executive Assistant to multiple visionary leaders, but the focus of this role is on the events they’re leading or participating in.

No event will be exactly the same, and you will need to adapt and grow as our businesses expand. Harris is a visionary leader, and therefore he and his partners are a constant source of big ideas and high expectations. While you are not responsible for designing and creating each event, you will need to make these events reach their fullest potential by helping bring their creative visions to life.

If, like us, you love the feeling of a well planned and coordinated event that serves as a transformative experience for all involved, and agree that there’s nothing else quite like that feeling in the world, then this Event Coordinator role may be for you.

Essential Responsibilities


Other responsibilities may be assigned.

  • Planning: Every event begins with a vision. Oftentimes that vision is simple, but because of our approach, it is never small. We have high hopes for the transformation we seek to make in the lives of those we serve, and the 100+ events we produce each year is a part of that strategy.

    At the heart of the Event Coordinator role is the ability to take an event plan and execute it, with attention to every detail along the way. You’ll be included in our creative and planning sessions, and contribute as a core member of the team.

    Once an event has been designed, you have the responsibility of bringing it to life. Sometimes on your own, sometimes with the support of a large team, depending on the scale of the event. This includes listening to and understanding the expectations for the event and your role in it, securing venues, communicating with vendors, overseeing contracts and more.
  • Logistics:  Once a plan for an event is in place, a major component of the Event Coordinator’s role is to arrange and book travel for each event. This is including but not limited to flights, lodging, and ground transportation in each event city. This will sometimes be for our internal leadership, and sometimes for our guest presenters.

    For some events, this will be your only responsibility, as we aren’t always responsible for every aspect of the production of an event. If we’re doing an intensive with an individual client, or delivering a keynote at someone else’s conference, the Event Coordinator will simply need to advance the event and make travel reservations. For some of our larger annual events, you’ll be handling the travel itineraries for up to 20+ presenters for a single conference.

    To accomplish this, the Event Coordinator must possess a degree of skill in logistics to properly plan the details, anticipate potential problems that may arise, and be available to respond to those challenges quickly, without stress.
  • Travel + Production: The Event Coordinator will be expected to travel regularly and be present at a number of our larger events. This requires personal flexibility, and the emotional intelligence required to assist a presenter and anticipate their needs to create a better experience for all involved.

    With this also comes the requirement of a team player, in which no task is considered “below” them. Be prepared to address conflict if it arises with a venue, operate a merchandise table if and when needed, or anything else that eases the burden of coordinating details on the part of Harris or another presenter, so that they can focus on being fully present with the client and delivering their best work on stage.
  • Budgeting:  Every event comes with a cost, and it’s the Event Coordinator’s job to keep those costs within the allocated budget. This will require a degree of financial skill as well as the ability to create accurate reports when necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Impact You'll Make


We're mission-minded and purpose-driven.

This Event Coordinator role will directly contribute to fulfilling our vision of becoming the most powerful force for transforming the future through the power of story.

Through your unique logistical and detail-oriented super powers, you'll have a direct impact on the world through the creation and execution of multiple live experiences each year, presented both in-person and online. From curating conference-style events owned by our company, to creative consulting for special projects for amazing clients, to life-changing coaching programs and online communities, you'll be an integral part of Harris and Istoria's transformative work.

This work is experienced by a very diverse audience. You'll be part of inspiring artists, creators, freelancers and all other types of storytellers to do their best, most creative work. You'll help play a role in shifting the narrative of mental and emotional health in the world at large through our work with ISEP. You'll help creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs build the future by building their businesses through purpose-driven work through Solo Con. You'll help us serve leaders from global brands like Apple, Disney, Google, and so many more, alongside some of the coolest non-profits in the world, and even government agencies like NASA.

This role will require a unique set of skills that are imperative to growing and scaling our work. Because we're a small team, there will be actions taken by you that will directly impact the future growth and vision of the company.

Key Qualities


We're looking for someone who embodies these essential qualities:

  • You know how to effectively convert vision to strategy to tactical plans. You are highly task-oriented with the mindset that no task is “below you.”
  • You are highly organized and detail-oriented, and thrive while working with lists and spreadsheets.
  • You have strong commucation skills, and a high-level of emotional and narrative intelligence.
  • You're adept at arranging travel and and preparing itineraries, and having the flexibility that makes participating in frequent travel possible
  • You are motivated by a quick paced and high-achieving work environment, even when working remotely.
  • You're able to perform under pressure without being overwhelmed by the scale of vision that can often accompany working for a creative leader with a lot of ideas.
  • You are adept at finding best prices for products and services.
  • You are incredibly skilled at both micro and macro thinking. Making sure the big picture is always moving forward by way of all the tiny details that need to get done.
  • You love supporting others. Knowing that you’ve set someone else up for success gives you enormous satisfaction. You connect with team members on a personal level, while working together to get the work at hand completed.
  • You’re big on follow-through. When you commit to sending a follow-up, it happens. You take pride in delivering on all your promises and exceeding expectations on deadlines.
  • You are great at playing detective. You love finding solutions to problems, researching options and articulating the pros and cons of each.
  • You are highly proactive. You do NOT thrive on being micromanaged and you love to be given the freedom to excel in your job without being given every step to get there. You want to find ways to make your job better without needing constant oversight.
  • Rather than blame others for short-comings, you'd rather just correct the issue and keep moving. You are a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong with the goal of improving the process. You believe that a process problem lies at the root of most apparent people problems. Your positive attitude helps keep morale high and the team moving forward.
  • You’re able to take a hit and keep rolling. Your goal is to get it done, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated.
  • You’re a lifelong learner. You enjoy growing and seek out ways to hone your craft through books, podcasts, training and good ol’ Google searches.


  • Existing experience as an event planner, coordinator, tour manager or similar role, or experience as a Virtual or Executive Assistant to a speaker, entertainer, coach, consultant or the like.
  • Technically savvy, and unintimidated by learning software solutions ranging from internal tools like Asana, WordPress, Google Suite and more, to virtual event platforms like Hopin or Zoom.
  • GED, high school diploma or equivalent required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not necessary.
  • Based in Nashville, TN (or be willing to eventually re-locate, and comfortable with regular travel both domestically and worldwide.
  • Available full-time, starting no later than August 2022.

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