Magical experiences shift attitudes and lead to action and desired outcomes.


Let Harris and his team help you create and execute transformative experiences for those you seek to reach by tapping into the transcendent power of story.

It's an information age where people are inundated with digital media and a faux sense of community.


It’s no wonder that human beings are constantly craving shared experiences that lead to genuine connection with each other, and the brands and causes they care about.

Harris and his team at the Istoria Collective, an immersive event production company, has done creative work for organizations around the globe who, like you, are working hard to resonate with their customers and communities and inspire them to take a desired action. Hire them to create and execute a transformative live experience for your organization or brand.


Istoria has provided creative direction and work for companies like Chik-fil-a, brand-activations for tech giants like Pinterest, programming and experience design for organizations like International Justice Mission (IJM), NAMB, and the GRAMMY’s.

Harris is also the leader behind a variety of brands in the event and conference industry, most notably, STORY, the premiere gathering for artists, creators and storytellers. Commonly referred to as “the TED for creative industries,” STORY regularly draws attendees from companies like Disney, IBM, Intel, Apple, Google, and more, along with some of the most award-winning creative agencies, artists and freelance creators in the world.

Whether you’re looking for reoccurring monthly support with story development or creative direction, need production assistance with an event, help with ideation on a project, or want to eliminate the stress and uncertainties of trying to execute a live event experience on your own, we can help.

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