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Real Magic Radio – Episode 02 – Joy

Listen to Jimmy Needham talk about his journey to finding satisfaction in God, and his battle to turn away from addiction. To hear more about Jimmy and his music visit JimmyNeedham.com.

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Real Magic Radio – Episode 01 – Forgiveness

A conversation with Tam Hodge about her struggle to find the truth on her journey to discover how freeing confession and forgiveness can be. To learn more about Tam’s powerful story visit TamHodge.com.

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Happy New Year!

2015 has been an incredible year full of growth and change! Thanks to you guys, my schedule stayed very busy...

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Wonder (New Spoken-Word Video)

A while back, I saw a child on the street with a single, red, helium-filled balloon.  To most, it was just a balloon.  But to him, it was magical.  He looked [...]

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Jesus Follows Me on Twitter

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post here on my blog about how I lose followers on twitter so regularly.  In thinking back through that post, I couldn’t [...]

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The Key to Failure (i.e. How I Lose Followers on Twitter)

Crowds are fickle, aren’t they? It’s a lesson I’m constantly reminded of by being on Twitter. That’s not good for me...

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The Role of “Magic” in the Church

There’s an illusion that I perform in many of my live shows where a newspaper is ripped to shreds, then instantly restored back to its original...

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YOU can be Psychic, too!

At our events, you’ll almost always hear me talking about false supernatural claims from people like psychics and spirit mediums. I like them about as ...

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“How Far Do YOU Have to Walk?”

This time last year I was on a plane with my wife, Kate, headed to Haiti. One of my favorite organizations in the world, Food for the Hungry, asked us to come see some of the work they were doing there.

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Spirits, Floating Tables, & Unexpected Moments w/ Audience Volunteers

One of the things I love most about what I do is the opportunity that I have to get tons of people out of the audience every night up on stage.

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