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Harris “the Third” is an award-winning illusionist, communicator and the founder of the Istoria Collective, a production company that champions the art of storytelling. He is the director and curator of the STORY Conference, a gathering designed by creatives, for creatives.


His art of storytelling has opened doors of opportunity for Harris as a respected communicator to conjure up words of inspiration at concerts, conferences, and in multiple video productions. Harris has been called upon by Elvis Presley Enterprises to create custom presentations for Graceland, asked to deliver creative messages at fundraising events at venues like the Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters, and has appeared six separate times at the Catalyst Conference. He is also a popular TEDx speaker.

More than a magician, this master of misdirection knows how to attract an audience and hold its attention. From spot-lit stages throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, to the exclusive, members-only club of Manhattan’s Soho House, Harris’ illusions has captivated spectators in an unusually wide variety of live venues, films, and television appearances.

Today, Harris partners with organizations across all industries to help them inspire and mobilize their audiences through vivid, engaging storytelling and immersive live experiences. Harris assists in the production of large-scale events, utilizing his background as an illusionist to craft production elements that seem impossible. Whatever the medium or the context, Harris is passionate about communicating truth. He’s ready to help you create an incredible experience for your audience.

“If you are seeking a dynamic and memorable speaker, I would highly recommend Harris for your next event. Harris leverages his masterful storytelling and illusionist skills to invoke wonder which allows the audience to tap into their imagination and help them to dream bigger. I’ve seen Harris on stage at several events and I can remember each one. That’s something I can’t say for most speakers.”


Chief Storyteller & Global Marketing Professional for IBM Watson Customer Engagement

“Harris was great! I was blown away.
Phenomenal job”


Leadership Expert, Speaker, & Author

“Harris’s magic is breathtaking, and perhaps only trumped by his deep character and hopeful spirit. His enthusiasm for wonder is contagious.”


Founder of charity:water

Curious how to partner with Harris and utilize his unique strengths and skill set? Here are some examples of how others have recently worked with Harris…

  • Each year, almost 1,000 creative industry influencers attend STORY, the conference Harris produces, curates and directs. STORY is an uncommon creative community and an accompanying two day conference attended by filmmakers, photographers, writers, creative directors, and storytellers of all kinds from companies like Pixar, Disney, Pinterest and IBM. They attend STORY because of the unique and inspiring experience that Harris and his team creates and brings to life, and how it pushes them to incorporate powerful tools into their storytelling like wonder, imagination, and curiosity.
    (Learn more about STORY by clicking here.)
  • When Elvis’ Graceland in Memphis needed help making their Christmas lighting celebration in partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital as magical as possible, they called and hired Harris to come bring the magic of Christmas to life, live on the green in front of Graceland for both a live audience and on television.
  • At a TEDx event in Los Angeles, Harris delivered an engaging and creative talk to a packed house about how magic proves that seeing isn’t believing, but that believing is actually seeing, because what we as human beings believe has the power to change what we see.
  • When Willowcreek Community Church, one of the nation’s largest and most respected churches wanted to leave the more than 20,000 people who attend their weekend services each week awe-inspired, they hired Harris to create a special presentation as part of a series titled, “Supernatural.” In addition to Willowcreek, Harris has also partnered with some of America’s biggest and most respected churches and faith communities. From weekend services for more than 10,000 people at Central Christian in Las Vegas, to being called in to inspire the staff and volunteers at Saddleback in California, and Northpoint in Atlanta, Harris has presented on topics ranging from fear, freedom, lies, truth, apologetics, and more.
  • For two years in a row, Harris has been asked to help re-imagine, co-write and produce the North Atlanta Christmas Festival in partnership with Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church. He has been hired as a creative consultant to help ideate multiple live shows events for companies and organizations like Chik-fil-a and the North American Mission Board (NAMB). After Harris’s unforgettable magical and multi-media presentation was seen in 30 cities in partnership with NAMB, he was tasked to create and present the opener for the 2015 Send Conference at Bridgestone Arena for over 10,000 leaders.
  • Catalyst Conference has hired Harris to perform, amaze, and speak to their audiences of thousands a total of 6 times in 10 years. Catalyst went on to add Harris to their prestigious Young Influencers List, naming him one of America’s most influential young leaders.
  • Creative Mornings, a community of over 100,000 creators and artists in 140 cities worldwide, invited Harris to give a talk to inspire their community, and discuss the role of wonder and imagination in the creative process.
  • Harris has been hired to create engaging live presentations and appeals for non-profit organizations like Compassion International, Holt International, and Food for the Hungry. These presentations have collectively raised over $2.5 million dollars to support a range of causes from child poverty to international adoption.
  • NextStep Ministries sends over 12,000 high school students on service trips around the world for 12 weeks each summer, and hired Harris to help write, create and film a 5-part video teaching series called “Shattered.” Youth leaders around the country continue to utilize these videos to communicate to the students they serve. (Click here to watch.)
  • Harris has been invited to perform on some of the largest cruise lines in the world to rave reviews from passengers on board Carnival and Royal Caribbean Ships, and even private chartered cruises like Brio’s Girl’s Getaway Cruise, Family Life Radio’s Love Like You Mean it Cruise, and multiple cruises in partnership with K-Love Radio. (The last cruise Harris performed on requested an increase of 4 extra standing-room-only shows to his original performance schedule due to the demand of passengers.)

And much, much more. It’d be impossible to cover Harris’s long 20-year career of creating transformative live experiences. From corporate events and workshops, to fundraisers and private celebrity events, to talks and assembly programs in public and private schools and universities, Harris is consistently trusted to deliver meaningful presentations through the power of wonder, imagination, and curiosity in a variety of ways.


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